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Winter can be brutal, and snow can accumulate on your property to create dangerous hazards for those who visit. Whether you own a business in the area or just want your driveway plowed on a regular basis, call One Landscaping & Property Management for professional snow removal in the Greater Toronto Area. We know that you can handle snow removal on your own, but we value your time and want to save it as much as possible. Here at One Landscaping & Property Management, we have the machines that are necessary to keep any surface safe from ice and snow. We are prepared with back up trucks and snow plows in the event that one breaks down or gets stuck. We know that winters in the area can be harsh, and our professional drivers are prepared to handle any storm.


We don’t just push snow. When you hire us, we provide all the services necessary to keep your parking lot and walkways clean, dry and safe. This includes shoveling, ice melt on entry ways and walkways throughout the storm. Our plow trucks and loaders work nonstop to keep your parking lot safe for vehicular traffic. After the storm, our ice management services will apply either salt sand or straight salt at the right time for maximum effectiveness. If snow piles become too high, limiting parking and in pairing visibility of the roadway, we can remove those piles at any time of the day or night, so as not to interfere with your business.

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