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Snow Removal

Snow-free peace of mind, delivered to your doorstep. Our efficient snow removal service ensures a clear path for safe and easy navigation through winter's embrace.

Reliable Snow Removal Services: One Landscaping in Toronto, and in GTA

Your Property is Safe and Accessible,Professional Snow Removal Solutions to Your Rescue...

Welcomes to One Landscaping! This is your trusted partner to provide you with reliable and somewhat efficient snow removal services in Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With a dedicated team of professionals and the finest equipment we have on offer, we here to help you face the winter's toughest challenges, keeping your property, well, safe, clear and accessible. All of this, well throughout the winter season.

Our Snow Cleaning Service

Residential Snow Removal

Why let snow and ice transform your driveways and walking paths into some dangerous impediments? Our snow removal service, that’s specially designed for residential areas - keeps your property safe and accessible. This allows you to take on winter confidently, with zero stress. Doesn't matter whether you require snow plowing, shoveling, or the process of de-icing. Our team has pledged to keep your home clear and safe during the wintry months!

Commercial Snow Removal

Business owners rejoice! It is crucial for your commercial property to be safe and inviting to customers, employees and visitors, also during the harsh winter months. Our commercial snow removal services - meticulously tailored to meet the unique demands of businesses, regardless of their size. Your office buildings, retail centers, industrial complex or healthcare facilities;, we’ve got everyone covered!. With timely snow clearing?, and de-icing you can maintain that professional look and ensure minimum disruptions to your work schedule.

Snow Hauling and Disposal

If excess snow accumulation is starting to become a bit of a bother traditional plowing and shoveling might not be cut for the job. That’s when you need our snow hauling and disposal services. With a fleet specialized equipment and experienced people to operate them, we’re more than capable of removing large volumes of snow from your properties, ensuring a safe haven for everyone!

Why Should You Choose Landscaping for Your Snow Removal??


When the winter weather decides to strike, you're safe knowing you can always count on One Landscaping. Our team is ready and waiting 24/7 to respond to your snow-related issues promptly and effectively. This ensures minimum downtime and guarantees your property stays accessible.


With a bagful of experience in the snow removal industry, we possess the knowledge, skills, and resources to deal with the most difficult snow and ice conditions. Be it a small residential driveway or a large business complex, the snow doesn’t stand a chance against us!


Your safety is our primary priority. Hence, we follow every precaution to make sure our snow removal service is carried out safely and effectively. From using eco-friendly de-icing agents to having trained and experienced operators, we ensure to keep your property and its users safe.


Let’s face it, winter weather can be extremely unpredictable, which is why we offer flexible scheduling choices and customizable service plans. These are budget-friendly and specifically catered to your needs. Occasional snow removals or constant maintenance throughout the winter, we’ll happily customize our service for you!

Get set, Winter is Coming with One Landscaping!

Don’t let snow be the bothersome element on your property this winter! Contact One Landscaping today and schedule a snow removal service ensuring your property stays safe, clear and accessible during the winter season! Our reliable service promises an excellent job done so that you can confront the challenges of winter confidently and with a peaceful mind. Let us tackle the snow for you.

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